To contribute towards the development of a healthy and prosperous society in our service area, by helping a vulnerable segment of the population.

Mission Statement:

To help and empower disadvantaged and marginalized population groups by enabling them to become productive members of the society so they can secure a happy and dignified life.


Following are the objectives of CEENA:

  • To nurture orphaned and other marginalized children through our orphanage which we name “CEENA Empowerment Center";
  • To provide food, shelter, clothing, education, health services and other amenities of life to the needy and marginalized children from ultra-poor families in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan;
  • To protect and secure the lives of innocent abandoned babies by ensuring a safe and successful adoption (Kafala) process;
  • To provide financial support to girls in need in order to enable them to continue their education;
  • To award scholarships for higher education to the talented girls in marginalized groups;
  • To provide financial support to the out-of-school children and school dropouts who are forced to discontinue their education because of financial constraints;
  • To provide basic health facilities and medical relief services to needy patients, especially marginalized women, widows and young girls;
  • To provide help for referral services to neediest patients with acute diseases to secondary and tertiary hospitals;
  • To create awareness among communities about the emerging social issues and challenges and play a vital role in building a socially just and progressive society.

Sponsor a Child

Name: Rahila
Age: 12
Grade: Four
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