Embracing hope

Fahad(age 3) is the only boy in his family and his parents are in dismay because this lovely child is suffering from cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). This is a low income family from Danyore, in the suburb of Gilgit town. Lacking the wherewithal to meet the treatment cost, his parents hardly managed to take him to a city hospital and were struck again by waves of hopelessness knowing that this treatment would cost them PKR 1.5 million(approximately $18292.68) over a span of three years.

Shocked and having lost all hopes, they got back home and could do nothing expect cursing their fate. When this came to CEENA's notice, a swift action was taken. CEENA arranged necessary funds for the immediate treatment of this innocent child and now he is in under treatment in Rawalpindi. CEENA continues its support and also looks for support from generous people in order to make sure that the family's hope is intact.

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Name: Rahila
Age: 13
Grade: Four
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