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This is an agonizing and painful story of an impoverished and destitute family hailing from Hatoon District Ghizer (120 km away from the Gilgit town). The family comprises of a widow and four children of ages 16, 13, 9 and 6. Unfortunately, the children's father passed away when they were very young, leaving them without the much needed affection and care. Furthermore, the mother is deaf and dumb, and therefore, was unable to provide for their basic needs.

The family's distress worsened when the village elders made an unfavorable decision by allocating their only shelter, a small hut in a piece of land, to the children's step-sister's son. The children and mother were only allowed on the roof of that hut. Ultimately, the widow and her daughters were forced to vacate the house immediately.

Out of sheer despair, the poor family begged for temporary shelter with other relatives; one of the girls, a teenager now, was allowed to stay at her step-sister's home in Ishkoman, provided that she lived as a worker, while she attended school. The remainder of the family sold some fruit trees and with the support of some compassionate neighbors, managed to build a single room with four walls; but due to lack of financial resources, the construction was incomplete, and no roof could be built. In the severe cold weather, they were left unprotected.

Seeing the deplorable condition of the family, the CEENA team took the following steps in order to transform this family's life:

  1. Two younger girls (Kehkashaan & Nureen) were already accommodated at the Empowerment Centre for Children with Social Disadvantages (CEENA's Orphanage) in 2008.
  2. Later their third sister (Meher Bano) was also shifted to the Orphanage.
  3. Management made a decision to keep the girls at CEENA during the winter vacations as they did not have any shelter that they could call home and decided to visit their village to see the condition of their mother and older sister.
  4. During the chilly winter cold, CEENA team visited the family and decided to provide financial assistance to complete the remaining construction work for the one-room shelter in order to store the family's meager belongings.
  5. CEENA also undertook the care and residency of both mother and the older daughter to provide them safe and peaceful living conditions. The older girl is now continuing her studies, and has demonstrated outstanding results despite the fact that she has undergone through immense trauma and stress.

Currently, all the family members living at CEENA's Orphanage enjoy the caring, comfortable and loving atmosphere. All the four daughters are now continuing their education, with the hope and aspirations for a better and bright future. CEENA empowered the family to transform their own destiny and make a difference in their lives and contribute to overall development of the community and the region.

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Name: Rahila
Age: 12
Grade: Four
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