Future plans

CEENA has impressive plans for future which are aimed to expand the realm of services

  1. Expansion of Empowerment Centre

    The Empowerment Centre will be expanded to accommodate more deserving and destitute children to enable them to lead a dignified and respectful life. The main goal of this expansion is to increase the spectrum and magnitude of services; so as to reach maximum number of unattended and most deserving sections of society.

  2. Outreach to more impoverished areas

    The strategic vision of CEENA is to expand its outreach and services to more impoverished and vulnerable areas with a gradual approach.

  3. Establishment of Shelter Home for Abandoned and Disabled Babies

    A number of initiatives cater to needs of normal people but the most neglected segment is the 'people with special needs' and unfortunately, there is not a single home for them in the headquarter of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    The traditional norms are such that either families totally keep such children inside the boundary wall, whatever their condition may be, or just abandon them. In both of these extreme cases, special people suffer the most. They need to be dealt on equal basis.

    In the recent past, CEENA has been getting requests for accommodation of special children whereas the current facilities are not sufficient to meet such demands.

    Therefore, the management of CEENA plans to establish a Shelter Home for Abandoned and Disabled Babies. Through this centre, CEENA will provide a safe and comfortable home where special and abandoned babies will be given proper care, nourishment and other facilities. This center will be equipped with all the necessary tools/equipment and specialized staff offering best care to future boarders.

  4. Endowment Fund for sustainability

    As part of sustainability plan, CEENA created an Endowment Fund with some seed money. CEENA plans to increase the fund base in order to make the future projects sustainable and risk free in situations of budget constraint. Besides potential donations, CEENA also plans to initiate some training courses to communities and the income from such activities will be deposited in the endowment fund.

  5. Introducing "The CEENA Family"

    In view of the growing demand and expectations of communities and increasing number of deserving and needy children; CEENA is embarking a new initiative under the title of "The CEENA Family". Potential donors, philanthropists and compassionate individuals will be offered membership in different categories.

    Through this network (CEENA Family) we can also keep regular communication and follow-up with our well-wishers and philanthropists. We can share our progress, activities and annual reports with the CEENA Family members while the members can forward and share their valuable and worthwhile ideas and input on how to improve our services and work processes.

  6. Women support centre

    Women are integral part of our society. Due to a number of initiatives by the governmental and non-governmental organizations; women are on the way of empowerment; however, there are limited number of opportunities for the home based illiterate women. CEENA envisages to embark on a new initiative for Women Vocational and Training Centre. This centre will impart vocational training to women who are willing to earn from their home through different vocational activities.

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