Patient Welfare Services

Since its inception, CEENA provided medical relief services to neediest patients in remote and far flung areas of Gilgit/Baltistan. This project is further divided into two major components:

  1. Life saving drugs to poor patients

    Basic necessities of life are hard to meet for a number of people in far flung and remote areas living in abject poverty. When these families are hit with a health crisis, they are unable to afford the life saving drugs that are needed to save the patient's life. In view of this situation, CEENA came forward to extend their services by arranging and providing life saving drugs to such individuals.

  2. Patients Referral Services

    Patient referral service is another project of CEENA which was started when the organization was formed. The thrust of this project is to provide help to needy patients for referral services with acute diseases to secondary and tertiary hospitals;

    CEENA bears the treatment expenses, traveling, medication and other related cost for these patients.

Sponsor a Child

Name: Suriya
Age: 14
Grade: Six
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