Sustainability of the Organization:

Current Source of Funding:

  • There are limited number of regular donors and philanthropists who support our projects and programs.  There is no other regular source of income to sustain and expand our activities.
  • CEENA has only a few volunteers who help to run the activities of the organization.
  • CEENA has no endowment funds.
  • No opportunities or funds are available to initiate or establish an income-generating project.

Contribution Method

We are looking for prospective donors and philanthropists who value our work. By becoming part of the family, you pledge to support our cause of changing the lives of babies, children, and young girls, as well as other disadvantaged members of society.

There are different ways to get involved.

CEENA Membership:

1) CEENA Patron:

Become a CEENA Patron by contributing at least USD 5,000/year (or an equivalent amount in other currency) towards CEENA’s activities. This amount can also be paid in monthly installments. A CEENA Patron membership can be acquired individually, by couples or by a family. Get registered by filling out the Form.

2) CEENA Circle:

Join CEENA’s circle, and become an extension of the CEENA family by contributing USD 100/month or USD 1200/year (or an equivalent amount in other currency).. Get registered by filling out the Form.

3) CEENA “Sponsor a Child”.

By sponsoring a child, you provide financial support for those children who do not have loving parents to care for them. These children live away from their families and are housed at the CEENA orphanage.

Your USD 912 annual donation will help CEENA to provide the basic needs for the children including:

  • Boarding & Lodging
  • Medical Care
  • Education
  • Administrative Cost

The “Sponsor a Child” program will help CEENA to continue and sustain its orphanage and bring a lifelong difference to a child. You can also sponsor individual components (i.e. Boarding and lodging, medical care, education, administration cost). If you would like information on the child you want to sponsor, this will be made available to you via email. For information regarding cost incurred per child click here and to get bank details for transfer of funds click here.

4) CEENA Supporter Membership:(volunteers)

In this category, CEENA seeks the voluntary services of individuals or families who are willing to support the cause and spreading the word through their own networks and links. The role of CEENA supporters will be to lead the cause for sustainability and child sponsorship activities in their respective cities within Pakistan or abroad. A supporter will play the role of spokesperson for the organization in his/her jurisdiction. If there is more than one supporter in a city, a supporter group will be formed. The philosophy of this strategy is to sustain the efforts of CEENA so that its activities are there for future generations. Go to Form.

Sponsor a Child

Name: Sultana
Age: 14
Grade: Six
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