Empowerment Centre for Children with Social Disadvantages

Responding to the needs of children with social disadvantages, CEENA's empowerment center is yet another unique project in Gilgit Baltistan. It provides shelter, food, clothing and healthcare to some of the most marginalized children coming from various parts of the region. CEENA firmly understands the plight of these children who would otherwise end up their lives intertwined in many potential socio-cultural discriminations, contempt and predicament. But this center brings hope for them and their families.


The number of boarders at the center has now arisen to 110 destitute and orphaned children from different valleys of Gilgit/Baltistan. CEENA also encourages these children to connect with their immediate families so that they do not feel socially or culturally disconnected. However, those children are given extra protection and care who have been brought to this center because of hostile and biased attitude of their kith and kin.

In addition, CEENA offers a conducive learning environment with focus on grooming them physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and ethically; so that they become responsible, effective and useful citizens.

Sponsor a Child

Name: Rahila
Age: 12
Grade: Four
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